Main Project

홈으로 이동ENGLISHCB NGO CenterMain Project

Space Support for NGO activity

  • It can be used for seminar, colloquium, education program and chatting.
  • We offer counseling for activists who want to launch new NGO.
  • We also rent a place for debating with civil society problems.

Civil Information Center

  • ‘Civil Information Center'
  • We operate NGO information data room and small library.
  • International solidarity information collection, we also look for solidarity business.

Balanced development and support & foster of local residents’ Movements

  • We support education, information, and personnel functions to reform disparities of inter-regional NGO growth.
  • We make community movements centers and support for their foundation and operation. so residents can participate in the
    movement directly.
  • We support residents' movement to prepare place with a variety of different modes communication and information.

Education for Professional human resources and democratic citizen.

  • We offer re-education and activity space to civil activists.
  • We publish textbooks and research data aimed at the general public.
  • We incubate NGO intern activists among youths and students.

Public-Private Governance and Civil Society Network

  • We will be a bridge to make cooperation with regional government and civil society.
  • We will create a lot of co-participation models in accordance with size and range of region.