About CB NGO Center

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Purpose of Foundation

In 2012, CB NGO center was founded for activating organic network among the civil society, regional government and corporations. We make the civil society healthy through supporting to regional NGO and building infrastructures.

Who We are

  • Opening date: 17th October. 2012
  • The Size of the Building: 754.93㎡ (It has a conference room, an NGO information library, a civil cafe, an NGO incubator et.c)
  • Venue: 2F, BYC Building, 159, Uncheon-dong, Heungduk-ro, Heungduk-gu, Cheongju-si, Chung buk.
  • How It Works: Operating based on city ordinance.
  • Main Function: NGO Education, Information Share, Room support, NGO Counseling and Incubating

Our Mission

We strive to make Cheongju-si an active and healthy society & regional society with grassroots self-government.

Our Vision

  • Reinforcement communication and collaboration with NGO network vitalization
  • Quantative & qualative growth and balanced development within Chung-buk.
  • Revitalization democratic civic education and empowerment of organization activists.
  • Self-empowerment of NGOs and revitalization public-private governance.